Sunday, May 20, 2007

you gotta be kiddin' me...

OK, love the recipe for Pico de Gallo from my new favorite website Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, but, unless you have a mouth of steel, I would skip the jalapeno seeds....or at least try it first, then add them in later! I made this recipe for a Cinco de Mayo party a couple weekends ago and put three jalapeno, seeds and all in it. There was only one person that really gobbled it down ~ freak. Most people loved it but had a margarita close by to wash it down with! The best part of the recipe is all the fresh, yummy cilantro! I also made the guacamole recipe using the Pico de Gallo and it ROCKED. The avocado helped cool it down. it possible that I officially have Minnesota taste buds?