Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grandparents Rule! (in Sam's world)

I cannot believe it ... my son loves someone more than me ... and of all people, it's my parents. Who won't love chocolate milk every day, no naps and cake every night! Where are the parents that raised me ~ obviously they have loosened up a little. My husband and I got a much-needed reprieve from Sam for 5 days while he visited my parents about 2 hours north our home. He helped Grandma in the garden every day, picked up twigs with Grandpa and had a jolly good time ~ all without me!

However, all good things must come to and end. On Sunday when we picked him up he cried and cried that he wanted to stay! By the time we got home the 5 days of no naps, going to bed late and excitement had caught up with him. MELT DOWN CITY! According to Sam, he will "never stop crying" and aimlessly wandered around the house looking for something he could send to Grandma and Grandpa as a gift (see what lack of sleep does to a 4 yr old!) I am so heartbroken that I am no longer my son's favorite person ~ in fact, I am "mean Mom" many days.