Monday, August 11, 2008

Nothing like a good ol' 4th of July parade...

My boy contemplating his strategy for getting the most candy.

Going through pictures on my camera I found these from the 4th of July in Brainerd. Plenty of farm implements and not much candy. I actually ran into someone at the Raspberry Festival parade a couple weeks later, who had gone to the Brainerd parade, and they said the same thing ... not enough candy! What happened to the good old days when they threw out candy by the bucketfuls? And you had a giant stash that would last you until Halloween when you could stock up again!

A lot of tractors ~ not many floats!

Wait, there is a Jeep. Wow.

Hold on, another tractor.

You can tell his enthusiasm is fading.

This is what a 5 yr old in 'meltdown mode' looks like ... when they have had enough of the parade and just want to go home. There is always next year.